Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Memories of 2010

As this years comes to close, I tried to rewind it in my mind and here is what I could recall..
2010 has been a year in which
I realized that sins of past haunt your future. I made a come back to the IT world after finishing my MBA :(
I boozed a lot ! Visited Goa twice in a span of 3 months :)
I missed Delhi for quite some time. Missed its road, food, friends, winter and girls :(
Munni hui badnam aur sheela hui jawaan :P
The heroes of Indian sport management, Lalit Modi and Suresh Kalmadi turned into villains :(
Sachin made half century of centuries =D>
Germany once again failed to lift FIFA world cup :(
For a change female sport persons were in spot light. Saina and Sania, the biggest of them :)
I discovered that I am getting older if not mature :(
Celebrated Diwali with my family after a gap of five years :)
2G and 3G became part of colloquial language of Indians :(
I got upgraded from a black and white cell phone to an HTC Smartphone :)
Lots of my friends got married and tried to convince me for the same, after all, suffering loves company :))
I tasted fish for the first time and realized that nothing can beat chicken :)
Neither my weight nor my bank balance improved :(
The year which would be known for the rajnikant jokes :D
I discovered that Love is transient but lust is permanent :P
I started living in Pune, the city I always wanted to settle down but realized that the city has lost its charm to some extent :(
The Onion prices made come back to headlines after a gap of 12 years :(
I watched most horribly made, crappy movies in the cinema halls. Dabang, Rakht Charitra, Break ke baad, we are family, Tees Maar Khan, Action Replay to name a few of them :(
In short, one more year down the drain :(
Best wishes for 2011 :)
I hope that I have something better to write in Dec 2011 :)

P.S : Today on the last day of 2010, when I read this post once again, I realized that its such a poorly written shitty post. So apologies for the same !


Rohan Pandey said...

Nice observation except that 'dabang' shud not appear first in the list of crappy movies atleast.

mindpuzzle said...

yeah Rohan..agree with u..I guess i was over critical about Dabang when i wrote this blog..