Sunday, November 21, 2010

Ramblings of a crazy mind

I think of growing my hair long and the next day I cut them short..

I start my day with plans of doing loads of meaningful work in my office and shelve off those plans after checking my mails in the morning..

I eagerly wait for the weekends to make me feel better and Sundays become restless and boring as ever..

I sometimes think of writing mails to her but then I don’t even properly reply to her mails..

At times I feel homesick and miss my mom but I don’t speak much to her when I am at home..

I wanna drink whisky when I am having beer and I wanna drink vodka when I am having rum..

Clothes, mobiles and cars don’t excite me anymore and I think of reaching Himalayas for sure..

I promise myself of blogging more often and I don’t write anything so often..

I decide to get married this year and married folks remind me of benefits of being a bachelor..

I think of calling my friends tonight and I postpone those plans as its late night..

I dream to live my life to the fullest and I fear of waking up as the dawn breaks..