Saturday, April 23, 2011

I am sick of

I am sick of

Smiling to the persons I hate so often

Listening intently to the crap they have spoken

Remaining silent when I wish to scream

And waiting for the weekend to let off the steam

I am sick of

Being accommodative to people around me

Meeting expectations to make them happy

Behaving as the ideal when I am just an ordinary

And controlling my emotions when it gets onto my nerves

I am sick of

Numerous battles inside the mind

The hard choices life compels me to make

The cynical devil killing excitement in life

And the remorse towards the human kind

I am sick of

Feeling lonely in the company of loved ones

The memories of past that haunt my future

Longing for someone who never gonna return

And waiting for a miracle that won’t happen

But deep down inside

Life still thrives on hope

Wishing for the sunshine

To brighten me with its dope!