Thursday, September 3, 2009

Cribbing all the way

Ohh..its been so long since I have blogged..The thought of blogging crossed my mind so many times in last one month. But I did not get motivated enough to start translating my thoughts into the words of a blog post. Or did I find my thoughts not worthy enough to be posted here. Were they just crappy feelings popping up randomly? Life has become kind of dull and stagnant. It has become similar to the chicken trend in the share market where the stocks are neither rising nor crashing down. The same boring college stuff keeps on happening randomly. After three trimesters of first year, hardly anything excites me in academic life. It’s the ‘been there and done that’ feeling that has fully occupied mind space. If I try to infuse some enthusiasm into my lethargic mind, the hormones of cynicism flush out the fluids of ecstasy in a jiffy. A feeling of void and lack of purpose has been building for some time. It’s been almost 2 and half months since my fourth trimester has begun and the water stagnated in the pond has now started stinking. The obnoxious smell has now spread to such an extent that my numb nasal sensations have to take notice of that. The ultimate optimistic side of me keeps on telling me that this too will pass and one day I will do great in my life. But am I becoming complacent with theses feelings? I don’t know. My mind just keeps on drifting anywhere and everywhere.
I need to seriously shake up myself! Well before the placement season kicks off. I need to study well, even if my fourth semester marks no longer affect placement. Do I need a break? Or am I enjoying break for so long that I need to get back to working? Shall I start praying to the God when I doubt his existence itself? Do I need a pedantic, regimented life style? But will it account for randomness in an MBA student’s life? I am confused.
But one thing which I am quite sure about me is that I need to stop cribbing so much. Hopefully this is my last blog post about cribbing, at least till my course gets over .Wish me good luck guys!