Monday, June 23, 2008

Movie review: Mere Baap Pehle Aap

I went to see this movie with my friends in aurangabad, just one day before i left for turned out to be a fiasco...The movie fails miserably to keep you engaged after 1 hr. At the time of Intermission, you get to know the entire plot and can predict the end. Even that would do, if there was highly humorous, situational and excellent timing comedy on offer. These expectations from Priyadarshan fell flat here. The music is forgettable. Genelia looks good but doesn't know how to act naturally. Every expression of her in the movie is exaggerated one.Her Hindi sucks! The movie tries to portray Akshaye khanna as strict and matured son who tries to discipline his father( Paresh Rawal). However, throughout the movie you get the impression of him being a rude and angry and insensitive son disrespecting his father at his will. Its all boring and disappointing...

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